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Claudia Padovani

DSPGI – University of Padova

Claudia Padovani is researcher and senior lecturer in Political Science and International Relations at the Department of Politics, Law and International Studies (DSPGI) of the University of Padova, Italy.

She teaches courses in International Communication and Gender equality in Media and ICTs.

Her main areas of interest concern the transformation of political processes in the global context and their connection to the evolution of communication dynamics and technologies. These include global governance, multi-stakeholderism, network approaches to the study of global politics; global communication policy and Internet Governance: issues, actors, networks; trans-national social mobilizations around media reform, media democratization and communication rights; global civil society as a global actor, the transformative role of norms and power in world politics, trans-national advocacy networks. All of this with a special focus on gender, media and mediations, communication rights and social justice.

At the University of Padova Claudia Padovani is also involved in the Next Generation Global Studies initiative, the aim of which is to promote critical approaches to global studies through education and research. She is also the University Focal point for the Unesco University Network on Gender Media and ICTs.

Padovani is a member of the International Council of the IAMCR, where she co-chairs the Working Group on Global Media Policy. She is a founding member of the Mapping Global Media Policy project. Since 2013 she co-edits a Palgrave/IAMRC series titled ‘Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research’.


Latest publications

Karen Ross and Claudia Padovani, eds. (2016) Gender Equality and the Media: A Challenge for Europe. Routledge. ISBN 978-1138892682.

Claudia Padovani and Leslie Shade, eds (2016) Gendering Global Media Policy: Critical Perspectives on “Digital Agendas”. Journal of Information Policy, vol. 6/2016 Themed issue. Penn State University Press.



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