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Tristan Mattelart

Tristan Matterlart

University of Paris

He is professor at the French Institute of the Press (IFP) of the University of Paris 2 and researcher at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and Analysis of the Media (CARISM). He edited various books in French on media transnationalization — La mondialisation des médias contre la censure (2002); Géopolitique des télévisions transnationales d’information (2016) —, on media and migration — Médias, migrations et cultures transnationales (2007); Médias et migrations dans l’espace euro-méditerranéen (2014) —, or on media piracy — Piratages audiovisuels (2011) —, and authored different chapters on these subjects for Global Media and Communication, International Journal of Communication, Journal of International Communication or Javnost.

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