Edition 2011

In 2011, communication and political scientists from 10 countries delivered a state-of-the art report, based on relevant indicators.
Results were published in the book “The Media for Democracy Monitor”, edited by Josef Trappel, Hannu Nieminen and Lars Nord (Nordicom, 2011).

Here you can browse the full country reports or compare the performance of several countries by dimensions and indicators:

Edition 2020

Since the first edition, MDM methodology was revised to reflect the changing conditions of the media and new indicators were added, concerning gender equality, misinformation campaigns and threat and harassment of journalists. In 2020, all indicators were applied to 18 countries, providing insights on media performance with regard to democracy over the decade of media digitalization (2010 to 2019). Full results will be released early 2021, but initial findings are already available in the press section.

The Dutch Journalism Fund (SVDJ) supports the Edition 2020.