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16 Mar 2022 – Webinar Book Launch “Success and Failure in News Media Performance: Comparative Analysis in The Media for Democracy Monitor 2021”

Date and time: 16 March 2022, 15:00–16:00 (CET) – Details and registration

How efficient and effective are leading news media in supporting contemporary democracies? In a largescale and diachronic research project over 15 years, scholarly teams around the world assessed leading news media’s performance along 30 relevant indicators.

Individual country reports have been published in two volumes by Nordicom in 2021. The third and final volume focuses on horizontal findings across 18 countries worldwide. In 16 chapters, some 30 authors scrutinise successes and failures of the performance of leading news media. 

18 Nov 2021 – Seminar: “How news media survive digital transformation? A focus on media ownership and innovation”

15 Apr 2021 – Official launch of the 2021 edition

The Media for Democracy Monitor 2021 was launched in a webinar on the 15 April at 15:00.