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Finland – (E3) Diversity of formats

Score in short:

Formats of news presentation have proliferated especially online, and nearly all major news formats are widely available in Finland.

Score in detail:

All leading news media provide a variety of news formats from traditional newspapers and broadcast news to various online and mobile news services. In addition to independent newspapers, there are party affiliated newspapers (although with diminished influence) and financial news outlets. All leading newspapers have online editions and most also offer mobile news services. With online versions, even newspapers now increasingly offer video content on the Internet. online news services also typically include RSS-feeds, blogs, surveys and other interactive content. Many of the main news media also offer news feeds in various social media platforms.

There are no Finnish 24-hour news channels6. Public and main private broadcasters, however, broadcast news bulletins on their main channels throughout the day. Both YLE and MTV3 have around a dozen daily news bulletins, a morning news show and financial news. Both also have a teletext service, comprehensive online news services and mobile news, which are continuously updated. Despite the emergence of online news, the broadcast teletext pages of YLE in particular remain very popular, with over 2 million regular viewers.

In addition, YLE offers a variety of different types of documentary and current affairs programs on radio and television. All of the current affairs programming on both radio and television are also available online. In addition to the traditional news providers, independent news aggregators have gained popularity recently. The most popular Finnish news aggregator is one of the most frequently visited websites not owned by any of the large media corporations.