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Lithuania – (E9) Participation

Score in short:

Media in Lithuania offer a variety of ways for their audiences to take part in the public sphere.

Score in detail:

Different forms and channels are used to involve the audience in news production. Indeed, readers have many ways of participating in the media, and among the most popular forms of participation are phone calls or emails to live radio and TV programs, email communication, readers commenting on online news and so forth. Journalists have confirmed that they keep regular contacts with their readers (especially those working in online media); they also read reader comments online and respond to constructive criticism. As already discussed, two of the news portals have developed citizen journalism projects. This practice shows that newsrooms are investing in finding new and innovative ways to communicate with their readers. In other media (television), traditional audience surveys (TV meters) are used as a primarily source of information on who is watching what, and programming is often shaped by these data.