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Lithuania – (F4) Internal rules for newsroom democracy

Score in short:

In most media organizations, there are no formalized procedures for how to involve journalists in decisions on personnel or editor in chief choices.

Score in detail:

There is also no formalized or standardized practice for making journalist or editor choices in the Lithuanian mass media. Some of the news media organize open competitions, while other organizations try to promote their own journalists and invest in human resource building by career offers to their own staff members, and especially in such cases negotiations among journalists as to who will become a desk editor do take place. Different news organizations use different promotional means for their staff members. In some news media, journalists are promoted by being assigned greater responsibilities; in others – by additional financial benefits. Again, in all cases, the choice of the candidate for the highest position in the organization (the editor in chief) is the subject of the board decision (e.g., the director general at the public service broadcaster is chosen by the LRT Council).