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The Netherlands – (F2) Patterns of news media use (consumption of news)

Score in short:

Seven out of ten Dutchmen read a newspaper every day. Of all television channels, it is the first public channel that has the largest market share, with one out of four Dutchmen tuning in everyday. The reach of most online media is on the rise.

Score in detail:

Print media

All Dutch newspapers together reach an average of 70 % of the population on a daily basis; in other words, seven out of ten Dutchmen read a newspaper every day (NoM Printmonitor). As far as its readership is concerned, De Telegraaf is the largest paper, followed by the two free papers Metro and Sp!ts. From July 2008 up to and including June 2009, De Telegraaf reached a daily average of nearly 2.1 million readers of 13 years and older (NoM 2009). In the same period, Sp!ts had a daily average of 1.6 million readers, De Volkskrant had 825,000 and over 320,000. The largest regional paper is De Gelderlander (over 500,000). The largest opinion magazine is Elsevier with a monthly average of 834,000 readers.

Television and radio

The 2008 average market share of television channels carrying newscasts varies from 10.6 % (RTL7/RTLZ) to 37.4 % (Nederland 1) of the Dutch population. of all television channels, it is Nederland 1 that has the greatest market share: it is the channel that nearly one out of four Dutchmen tunes in to every day. Trailing far behind is RTL4, with 25.9 %. The RTL news bulletin is the only newscast that is, as far as format is concerned, comparable to the NoS Acht uur journaal. on any given evening, these two bulletins are watched by 1.7 million and 1.3 million people, respectively (Nieman 2007).

The 2008 average daily market share of the news radio Radio 1 stands at 10.2 % of the Dutch population, that of BNR Nieuwsradio at 1.5 %. After the regional public broadcasters taken together (13.2 %) and after music station Radio 538 (12.9 %), Radio 1 thus ranks third as to market share, with one out of ten Dutchmen listening to it every day.

Online platforms

Of all news sites focusing on the Netherlands, the web-only had the highest monthly reach (30 %), followed by (27.4 %) and (20.9 %). This means that three out of ten Dutchmen surf to every month. others in the top ten of Dutch news sites and weblogs with the greatest reach are the newspaper sites (12.8 %) and (11.4 %). The ‘shockblog’ ranks seventh with 12.6 %. The reach of most of the online news media mentioned here has been on the rise since 2004. Recent data for 2009 show that now reaches three out of ten Dutchmen.